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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!


Mrs. Thatchers' British Invasion
Saturday Jan. 25th @ 7pm

Dennis Shockett - Rob Fahey
Greg Shroeder - Dave Woodworth

Celebrate the cultural phenomenon from the mid-1960s, when rock & pop music acts from the United Kingdom and other aspects of British culture became popular in the United States, giving rise to the "counterculture" on both sides of the Atlantic.


Friday, February 14th at 7:00PM
Valentine's Day Party

Crack the Sky is an American progressive rock band formed in the early 1970s. In 1975, Rolling Stone declared their first album "debut album of the year", and in 1978, Rolling Stone Record Guide compared them to Steely Dan; their first three albums charted on the Billboard 200.


The Dave Keller Soul & Blues Band
Saturday, March 21st at 7:00PM

Dave Keller is an award-winning, triple-threat: an outstanding singer, an intense guitarist, and a talented songwriter. Fueled by his love of deep Southern soul and blues music, his performances ring out with passion, integrity, and an ability to break down the barriers between
performer and audience.


The Blacklight Orchestra
Saturday April 4th @ 7pm

Kansas, Pink Floyd, Boston, Led Zeppelin, Jehtro Tull, Genesis, Styx, Yes, Rush, Edgar Winter, King Crimson & ELP




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