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Sending out love, peace and hope
during these strange days. Take care of yourself.
What albums are you spinning while safe at home?




Cancelled due to Covid19
The Dave Keller Soul & Blues Band
Stolen Idendity
The Blacklight Orchestra
The Mahoney Bros




the 1974
Saturday May 2nd @ 7pm

Its as easy as One, Two, Three, Four:
The 1974 is one part Never Never, two parts Starbelly, and 3 parts Fabtastic 4

Spike Settles. Guitar. Vocals. Suede pants.
Dennis Schocket. Bass. Vocals. Corduroy bell bottoms.
Greg Schroeder. Drum. Vocals. Velour Sweat pants.
Dave Woodworth. Guitar. Vocals. Gaberdine pants.

AM Radio goodness. Pop hits of the 70's. Not the big bands, the little bands.





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