New Live Tracks from the Cris Jacobs Band
Here are two new tracks from the Cris Jacobs Band playing Live at Club 66 on Dec. 10, 2011. Click on each to play and/or right click and save to play anytime! Enjoy!

Dupree's Diamond Blues

Saddle Up And Ride

Eric Lindell Band with Cris Jacobs and Dave Rode
Check out this sample track from the Eric Lindell and Cris Jacobs show. The song "Don't Bogart That Joint" is performed by the Eric Lindell Band with Cris Jacobs and Dave Rode.

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With conviction Jimmie states, "I have always believed that music can change people's lives and if I can do something to make someone's life a little more enjoyable, then I feel I have done my job well.  That's why I am here and that is also the reason why there is Southern Rock."

Rob Fahey
Since 1966 Rob has had a guitar in his hands. His band, The Ravyns, recorded the theme song to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, "Raised on the Radio". In 1984 they released a full length album on MCA Records. And now, Baltimore is lucky to have him at The Horse in Fells Point every Sunday.

Playing the hottest spots & best bars throughout the Baltimore/Washington Area.

Never Never
Voted Baltimore's Best Classic Rock Band for 11 years.


Every Tuesday at Bare Bones in Ellicott City.


Four talented, personable performers who combine great musicianship and professionalism and the result is a truly spectacular, highly visual presentation in sound, staging and costume that faithfully reproduces the  excitement of the incredible "BEATLES" musical era.